About Us


Kimberly Cole’s expertly-curated clean product line has a direct correlation to her 20+ years of experience in the beauty, fashion and entertainment industry. 

After cutting her teeth assisting top makeup artist’s in Los Angeles, Cole struck out on her own ,working with celebrities, musicians, comedians and sports figures.  Collaborating with photographers like  Annie Leibovitz, David LaChapelle and Moshe Brakha, you’ve most likely seen her work on the red carpet, TV and on the editorial pages of magazines like Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone and Allure.

Cole’s dream of creating her own product line came to fruition after spending countless hours on the sets of music video’s, sitcoms and commercial productions. 

Utilizing that range of industry expertise and unsurpassed knowledge of what works for any number of skin tones, facial features and personal styles, Cole, known for her natural beauty aesthetic, was able to create a full line of cosmetics and skin care.  From the endless assortment of options on the market, this offering has been meticulously edited to include only the most essential + natural ingredients which are non toxic, environmentally friendly and sustainable, without compromising luxury or effectiveness.  This is also evident in her minimalistic packaging and aesthetic.